(son of James Milton SHELTON and Rachel Elizabeth FORTNER)


Mystery photo found by Brenda Hamby.  (See "Mystery Photo" below)

Wesley Landrum SHELTON  and family and the adult on the lower row is Rachel Elizabeth SHELTON, the mother of Wesley Landrum SHELTON.  

a younger Landrum

Wesley Landrum SHELTON was born 28FEB1868 on Springer Mountain, West of Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia.  He died in Morgan County, Georgia. 13   He married 23DEC1888 in Fannin County, Georgia to Dollie/Dolla BRIDGES. They were married by Richard COCHRAN, J.P. and their marriage is recorded in Book B-418.  She was the daughter of William J. BRIDGES and Elizabeth "Matilda" WILLIAMS.  Dollie died in the hospital and is buried near Applachea (sic), Georgia. 21  For more information about the BRIDGES family contact: Keith Bailey at kbailey@frontiernet.net

This family moved to Washington state.  All of their children were deceased by 1979.  Several of Landrum's children had large families. 13  Some records say that this family moved to Texas with the rest of the family and then moved back to Georgia after James Milton SHELTON's death.  Rachel FORTNER lived with them until her death in 1916.

Brenda found this photo on the back of an old photo of Ola and Ollie that she was having reframed.  I think it is Wesley Landrum SHELTON.  Does anyone know for sure who it is?  Some others think it might be James Milton SHELTON....Dolores

The children of Wesley Landrum SHELTON and Dollie BRIDGES are:

Dasher SHELTON 13 b.1889 d.prior 1979. 13
Dora Elizabeth SHELTON b.25MAY1891 d.prior 1979. 13
Henry C. SHELTON 13 b.22NOV1892  d.prior 1979. 13
Dessie "Emma" SHELTON 13 b.10SEP1894  d.prior 1979. 13
Herbert Ashley SHELTON 13 b.15NOV1895 d.prior 1979. 13
William Franklin SHELTON 13 b.07JAN1897 d.prior 1979. 13
Ollie SHELTON  13 b.29MAY1898  d.prior 1979. 13
Benjamin H. SHELTON 13 b.09FEB1900  d.ca.1923-40 when a tree fell on him in Washington State. 13
Jarvis German SHELTON 13 b.02JUL1901 d.prior 1979 at Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co. TX or Abilene, Taylor Co. TX. 13