(son of James Milton SHELTON & Rachel Elizabeth FORTNER)

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This picture was taken about 1918
In the doorway in the back: Ola & Ollie Shelton.
Standing in back:  Ted Shelton, Garland Shelton, Morris Shelton, Farris Shelton, Carmen Shelton
Front Row:  Buster (Charles, Jr.) Shelton, Charles Washington Shelton, Sr., Jewel Shelton, Mary Elvira (GOODE) Shelton, Lucille Shelton.
Child standing in front:  Hazel Shelton

Taken 1927
Left to Right: Carmen Shelton, Buster (Charles, Jr.) Shelton, (Grady Hooper?/Page Barnett?), Farris , Lucille Shelton, Ted Shelton, Ollie (Shelton) Driver, Ola (Shelton) Driver, Garland Shelton, Fred Driver, unidentified, Morris, Mary Elvira (GOODE) Shelton, Charles Washington SHELTON, Sr.

Four Children on the right in front:  Hazel Shelton, Norvell Shelton, H.C. Driver, J.D. Driver

Left to Right
Garland SHELTON, Morris Sheppard SHELTON, Bryan HENDERSON, Lee ROBINSON, Charles Washington SHELTON, Jr., Charles Washington "Papa" SHELTON, Sr., Page BARNETT, Doug NANCE.

Left to Right
Morris Sheppard SHELTON, Garland Lawrence SHELTON, Eurie Terrell "Ted" SHELTON, and Charles Washington SHELTON, Jr.

Left to Right Standing
Farris, Jewell, Morris, Hazel, Ola, Carmen, Lucille, Ted, Ollie, Garland
Charles, Jr., Ella

Back Row, Left to Right: Carmen Hooper, George Karnegay, Farris Karnegay, Ted Shelton, Morris Shelton, Ola Rider, Bessie Shelton, Jewell Fallis, Leon Rainwater, Hazel Wall, Bill Rider?, Garland Shelton, H.C. Driver, Elaine Shelton, Katheryn Shelton, Mr. Rainwater (Leon's father?), Elvira Driver

Three children standing beginning in front of Carmen:  Van Hooper, Nancy Rainwater, Oma Dale Shelton.

Seated Left to Right:  Buster (Charles, Jr.) Shelton, Frank Fallis, Lucille Rainwater, Mrs. Robinson? (Bessie's mother?), Leslie Wall, Mary Elvira (Goode) Shelton, Ollie Driver, holding Kay SHELTON, Arthur Shelton, Grady Hooper.

4 children in front on the right:  Richard Wall, Shelly Hooper, James Shelton, Janet Hooper.

Charles Washington SHELTON was born 18JUL1874 in Fannin County, Georgia near Ellijay, Georgia.  He died 06NOV1940 in Hico, Hamilton County, Texas.  He married 03JAN1897 to Mary Elvira GOODE in Hollingsworth, Banks County, Georgia.  Mary Elvira "Ella" GOODE was born 01SEP1875 in or near Homer, Banks County, Georgia.  She died 12AUG1947 in Hico, Hamilton County, Texas.  She was the daughter of Joseph Terrell GOODE and Susan Emma PRITCHETT.

There is a very interesting family history and comments written by my Dad, Morris SHELTON.  Here is the story with a paragraph added by me at the beginning and one at the end.  The rest is from Dad's pen:

Families are many things to many people.  They are often torn by wars, strife, poverty, distance, privation, and simply differences of opinion.  No family is perfect.  But of all families--imperfections and all--it is doubtful that there has ever been a more agreeable, more loving family than that of Charlie and Ella SHELTON.  Dissension?  Undoubtedly.  Poverty? Quite definitely--particularly in the early years in Texas.  But, to consider a young Baptist Sunday School Teacher who married a "Distiller" from the remote hills of Georgia on the promise that he would make a living in some other manner and throw in twelve children along the way and the chances of success (or perhaps failure) are staggering.  But succeed they did. --D.D.

The first time Ella met Charlie, the main thing she noticed was the size of his feet.  She remarked to her sisters that he didn't have "feet," he had "yards" instead.  That didn't, however, stop Ella from falling in love with him and they were married on 03 January 1897 and had four children in Georgia.  Then, to make good his promise to start a new life, the fairly well-to-do couple rented 3 train cars and brought all of their worldly goods to Texas in 1902.  Charlie's parents and Ella's parents, the GOODEs, and the GOODE's eight children came with them.  They were, no doubt, filled with dreams of this new beginning and were probably rather unprepared for the raw Texas of 1902.  In the first years, James Milton SHELTON, Charlie's father, contracted a virus thought to have been brought by the hoards of mosquitoes ever present in warm weather.  (The actual disease may have been Typhoid Fever).  He was not able to shake off the sickness and died about 1905.  Charlie was terrified that others in the family might meet the same fate, so he sold his land and moved to far West Texas where it was much drier, to get away from the pestilence.  It was not only dry, but it got drier.  Judkins, Texas had a killing drought that year.  Sand storms were a constant menace.  Charlie had spent the remainder of his nest egg to buy land and try to make something grow in drought-ridden West Texas.  He feared that his family would starve (literally) if he remained there through another winter.  So he sold his land to Mr. YATES, a neighbor.  The wife of Mr. YATES would not let the family leave until her husband had killed a calf and the meat was salted down in a big barrel for the SHELTON family to eat on their trip back east.  And, it is fortunate she did, too, because the trip proved much longer and harder than the trip out there had been, because now it was winter.  Mr. YATES managed to hold on to his properties throughout the drought and the struggle proved profitable for him.  Some time later, oil was discovered on that property and his prosperity is well known in West Texas.

The SHELTONs were now traveling through Texas in the winter in a covered wagon with eight children.  The youngest child was only a baby.  One night, a particularly cold "norther" blew in, as the family huddled in the bottom of the wagon.  Wind and rain and sleet blew all night.  In the morning, Charlie got out of the wagon to find his boots frozen solid.  He decided then, even if he had to spend his last dime, he would find a warmer place for his family to sleep the next night.  That day they arrived at Tye in Taylor County and asked a proprietor for a night's lodging.  The family, by now, no doubt, looked very bedraggled and dirty and the man refused to take them in and told them to "be off."  Charlie was not used to such harsh treatment and remembered and mentioned this incident many times in later life.  The SHELTONs found a livery stable in Abilene that was more hospitable.  The stable had a big roaring fire and the whole family crowded around for warmth.  Charlie expressed his gratitude later by saying, "I sure was glad to get my chaps inside by that fire."

After the norther abated, they continued east.  The SHELTON travelers made it to Coleman County where Charlie obtained a job building a telephone line from Coleman to Glenn Cove.  This occupied the winter months.  The next leg of their trip was to Hico, Texas in Hamilton County.  They finally stopped their journey near Hico just as their resources were nearly gone.  But luck was with them and a man stopped them there.  His name was Bill JENKINS and he asked Charlie if he could pick his cotton for him.  It was a God-send because Mr. JENKINS had a 2-room log cabin for them to live in and a sister-in-law, who lived nearby and brought fresh milk and butter for the SHELTONs often.  The family worked hard in the cotton fields to help the family get a new start.  Charlie rented the CULBERSON ranch in the Old Hico community.  During this adventure, Charlie felt financially able to purchase a farm.  Soon, Charlie heard about a farm for sale at Dry Fork Community also in Hamilton County.  He bought this land and the SHELTONs had a home once more.  They remained here for two years.  After that Charlie rented the Lawrence LANE black land farm in the Olin Community, west of Dry Fork.  The family lived there for 7 years and paid $9,000 in rent for this farm that had been offered for sale to him for $6,500 when he moved on it.  The SHELTON family continued to grow and Charlie found it increasingly harder to feed such a large family from the proceeds of a dry-land farm.  In nearby Hico, he bought a cafe and moved the family to town.  Charlie and Ella remained there for the rest of their lives.--Morris SHELTON

Many interesting stories are handed down to us by the children of Charlie and Ella SHELTON.  They are stories of privation and success, of struggle and overcoming odds, but most of all, they are stories of a large family's growing up and sharing experiences.  D.D.

In the Spring of 2000 I met a wonderful friend on the Internet.  Her name is Alisa and she lives in Hico, TX.  She gave generously of her time and talents and made a trip to the Hico Cemetery and took photos of the headstones of our family that she could find.  Here is what she sent to me:

This is the headstone for the family plot.

Headstone for Charles Washington SHELTON.

Mary Ella (GOODE) SHELTON's headstone.

Norvell Woodrow SHELTON's headstone.

The children of Charles Washington SHELTON and Mary Elvira GOODE are:


b.14OCT1897 Cumming, Forsyth Co., GA  d.24APR1964 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX  She m.1st. 11MAR1918 to Fred DRIVER.  She m.2nd William RIDER.  She m.3rd Bill EPERLEY.


b.14OCT1897 Cumming, Forsyth Co., GA  d.06NOV1971 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co. TX.  She m. 03FEB1918 to Otis Driver.

Eurie Terrell "Ted" SHELTON

b.22JAN1900 Hollingsworth, Banks Co., GA  d.17FEB1983 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX.  He m.1st. to Biddie LEINEWEBER.  He m.2nd 16JUN1926 to Bessie ROBINSON.

Farris Susan Rachel SHELTON

b.29AUG1901 Hollingsworth, Banks Co. GA  d.05MAR1992 Dublin, Erath Co., TX.  She m.1st Page BARNETT who died during WWII.  She m. 2nd George KARNEGAY who died of cancer.  She m.3rd to Dale FRANKLIN.  She m.12DEC1966 to Bill HEIZER.

Garland Lawrence SHELTON

b.11JUL1903 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., TX d.16JUN1975, Moran, Shakelford Co., TX  m.03MAY1931 to Sarolta Elaine TOWNSEND b.09JUL1912 d.08APR2003.


b.12APR1905 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co. TX  d. 14OCT1998 Hico, Hamilton Co., TX m.06JAN1938 to Grady HOOPER.

Morris Sheppard SHELTON

b.08APR1907 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., TX  d.12MAR1991 San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX  m.03JUN1934 to Johnnie Mae THOMAS.

Jewel Gertrude SHELTON

b.(private)  m.08FEB1942 to Franklin Clay FALLIS.

Jessie Lucille SHELTON

b.22FEB1911 Hico, Hamilton Co., TX d.20MAY2003 Austin, Travis Co., TX m.24AUG1934 to Leon RAINWATER.

Charles Washington SHELTON, Jr.

b.05FEB1913 Hico, Hamilton Co., TX  d.25APR1967 Hamilton, Hamilton Co. TX  m.20MAY1941 Jewell CARR b.12AUG1917 d.21MAR2003.

Hazel Willie SHELTON

b.(private) m. 11JUL1937 to Leslie Wylie WALL.

Norvell Woodrow SHELTON

b.06NOV1918 Hico, Hamilton Co., TX  d.20JUN1927, Hico, Hamilton Co., TX.  The SHELTON family had visitors.  The visitors' car was parked across the street\road from the SHELTON home.  Norvell ran across the street/road and another car was driving on the street and hit Norvell.  He was killed.  H.C.  DRIVER and my Dad, Morris SHELTON confirmed that this is what happened.