B. Between  1655 --1660
D. 01 OCT 1718 Middlesex County, VA


(Peter is listed as SHELTON or CHILTON in various paper documents in Middlesex County, VA.  He always signed his name by mark or "X", which means he could not sign his own name.)

Peter SHELTON father of Thomas SHELTON

Peter CHILTON married 02 MAR1684/5 to Susanna JAXON  at  Christ Church, Middlesex County, VA. Peter CHILTON Sr. is listed among the horsemen on the Militia List of Middlesex County, VA.

Land Records:
    13 OCT 1688 Augustine SCARBROUGH sold to Peter SHELTON a parcel of woodland of 150 acres witnessed by John SCARBOROUGH, Henry  PRITCHARD, and JohnCORKING recorded in Middlesex County Deed Book 2.


Peter SHELTON, Jr. --Bapt. 16 NOV 1687 Christ Church, Middlesex County, VA.  D. prior to 1718.

Thomas SHELTON  -- B. 26 JUN 1705