This work has been a long time coming.  And, as with all works of family history, will never be finished.  I would not start the writing for over 20 years from the beginning of my research because there are some family puzzles I wished to solve.  A wonderful thing!  Our biggest road block has been solved.  That is that we know who Henry SHELTON's parents are.  There are so many interesting facts to be told, that it would be a big mistake to delay this any longer.  And, who knows, maybe before I finish the work, more  of the mysteries may unravel.  The form of a work of genealogy is always a puzzle in itself.  I would like this to be informative…dates, places, etc.  But most of all, I want it to be family.  Many members of this family have shared information with me and I expect they will continue to do that as long as they can.  I have been holder of a lot of family information for so long now.  I know that it is time to put this in some form that can be shared with as many of our family as I can possibly reach.  There is no way to enter all of this information without making mistakes.  YES, I want to be corrected. If you do not agree with even the most minute thing, please let me know.  And having said that, I hope you get even a small portion of the amount of pleasure that it has given me to research, collect, and write it. - Dolores Shelton Davis -